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Orione srl was founded in 2007 by taking over the homonymous and historic manufacturer of pressure reducers, founded in 1919, thus giving continuity to the tradition of producing pressure reducers designed to ensure reliability and durability in the most severe operating conditions.

In addition to the sale of industrial products, the company has introduced into its business, flanges, fittings, iron and galvanized pipes, specific products for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, such as pumps, agitators, mixers, stainless steel fittings, flexible pipes and fittings. specific FDA certificates.

Thanks to the collaboration of companies producing products aimed at sectors such as the production of cosmetic creams, shampoos, conditioners and trichological in general, we are able to satisfy every need and propose ourselves to customers as a clear point of reference, not only in terms of quality. of the proposed products and the immediate availability of materials, but also to ensure pre and post-sales technical assistance, from the design to the construction of skid systems and machines.

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Pre and post sales technical assistance